Sustainability Management Platform

Our platform helps companies measure, manage, report and improve their Sustainability performance in a way that is Simple, Accurate, Defensible and Cost-Effective.

Ascentys automated ESG data management

Data-led ESG & Sustainability Management & Reporting.

Transform your Corporate documents into precise and reliable Sustainability facts & data.

Simple ESG Management


Unlike all other systems, no need to be an ESG expert, no need to mess about with complicated calculations. Just upload your documents and we do the rest.

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Accurate Reporting


Accurately Measuring & Reporting your ESG performance is not easy. It requires specialist skills across a broad range of topics and is out of reach for most companies.

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Defensible ESG Management


Our systematic, technology-led assessment is rooted io your documents and data. Each ESG fact or statement is fully traceable to original documents and auditable.
No Surprises

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Ascentys ESG Management

Are you ready?

Visualise your Sustainability performance across 360 ESGKPIs, your Carbon Footprint, Quality of your Policies and Diversity Analysis

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Measure, Report and Improve your Sustainability

We simplify the ESG Analysis, Management and Reporting process to allow you to spend more time in defining how to improve your Sustainability. The Ascentys platform is an easy way to measure your performance across 360 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Indicators.

Improve your Sustainability

We help companies of all size to simply, quickly, securely & accurately assess their ESG performance.


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Visualise & Manage your Sustainability performance, your Carbon Footprint, your DE&I impact and the Quality of your Policies.



  • ESG + Sustainability = Durability?
    There is a real fatigue around the word “sustainable”. These day every single company uses this term without much more information around how their products really are sustainable.
  • The ESG Mindmap
    Ascentys ESG mindmap (c) A growing Ecosystem As sustainability & ESG are on their way to become mainstream, we see news of recent regulations, converging organizations,
  • ESG Glossary
    B Corp: A B Corp is an organization that has successfully completed the certification put forth by the nonprofit B Labs. B Corps can only be for-profit organizations,

What Our Customers say

The Ascentys ESG Team has played a key role in creating a tailored strategy to measure, report and improve our ESG performance. Our UP Zürich Team has greatly benefited from the Ascentys solution, and we would highly recommend embarking on the ESG Journey with them.

Charlene & Noamie
UP Worldwide – Switzerland

Ascentys delivered a much more insightful analysis of our ESG performance than we expected. It was easy, fast and super useful.

Kalexius SA – Switzerland

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