Values & Team

Making an Impact

Our goal is to assist as many companies as possible to fully understand their ESG Performance.

We believe that most leadership teams are now committed to running businesses that are profitable while serving the needs of their stakeholders, protecting the environment in which they operate.

The challenge often is to be fully aware of that impact, understanding, measuring what the company does well as well as where it should improve.

We want to assist these leadership teams in obtaining an “ESG X-Ray” of their business in a way that is simple, accurate, timely and cost effective.

Cross-functional experts

To be successful, ESG needs to be embedded in the fabric of the business, considered as a critical decision-making dimension. Too often it tends to be an after thought, designed to satisfy a small numbers of stakeholder.

The Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions go hand in hand, the relationship is circular: there is proven evidence that being more socially and environmentally aware and responsible improves the Economic, the financial performance of the company and ultimately will do good for our world.

Green Hosting

Our servers are securely hosted in Switzerland and fully powered by renewable energy.