Use Cases Are you facing one of these issues?

Use Cases

Benefits for SMEs & Corporates, Large Enterprise, and Investors

SMEs & Corporates

C-Suite & Management Team

Receiving increasingly complex ESG queries from Customers?

Overwhelmed with generic self-assessment questionnaires?

Not too sure how to produce your first Sustainability report?

Want to have a sustainability certificate but don’t where to start?

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Large Enterprise

Head of Sustainability

Spending most of your time collecting and making sense of data?

Limited bandwidth to really dive into Sustainability?

Need to make sure your Sustainability data is fully traceable?

Worried that your reports might lose consistency across the years?

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PE & VCs

Portfolio Manager

Tired of manually creating questionnaires and collecting answers for sustainability DD?

Frustrated by inconsistent answer types across target companies?

Spending too much time to identify materiality for each portfolio company?

Not sure how to set an investor-level ESG strategy and execute company-level sustainability?

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  • ESG + Sustainability = Durability?
    There is a real fatigue around the word “sustainable”. These day every single company uses this term without much more information around how their products really are sustainable.
  • The ESG Mindmap
    Ascentys ESG mindmap (c) A growing Ecosystem As sustainability & ESG are on their way to become mainstream, we see news of recent regulations, converging organizations,
  • ESG Glossary
    B Corp: A B Corp is an organization that has successfully completed the certification put forth by the nonprofit B Labs. B Corps can only be for-profit organizations,

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