Automated Sustainability Management Platform B2B Software enabling Sustainability at scale effortlessly

Companies are under growing pressure to measure, manage, report & improve on their ESG and Sustainability performance.


Sustainability is complicated.
All companies struggle with it.

Especially SMEs


How does it work?

3 simple steps

Step 1

Customer upload “generic” Corporate documents

Secure Hosting:
Swiss-based, military-grade data hosting

Step 2

Automated ESG Data Abstraction & Synthesis (AbSynth)

Natural Language
Processing (NLP):

Automatically extracted
ESG-relevant data

Step 3

Use ESG Data for:
assessment, management & reporting

Proprietary Scorecard:
Combines 360 KPIs
from global frameworks

Ascentys: Sustainability management, at scale.

Our Customers continuously measure & manage their ESG performance for a
fraction of the cost and with virtually no effort required.



Customers just upload their internal documents.

No questionnaire.



ESG performance managed in near real-time.

Not months.



ESG performance is rooted in data. Fully defensible.

Not fluff.

Cost Effective

Cost effective

Scalable solution affordable for all companies.

No exception.

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Easily visualise & manage your ESG performance across 360 KPIs, your Carbon Footprint, Quality of your Policies and Diversity Analysis

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