How does the Ascentys ESG assessment work?

Data Management Engine + 360 KPIs scorecard.
To make sense of your ESG Data. Easily.

  • Measure your Strategic Sustainability
  • Produce Graphical & Narrative Strategic Sustainability reports
  • Identify Gaps & areas of improvements

4 steps:

Step 1 – Your Company Profile

Provide basic information on your company by answering 10 simple questions.

Step 2 – Upload Your Corporate Data & Documents

Upload all corporate data and documents that could be relevant to our secure Data Room: Policies, Code of Conduct, Certification and certificates, Expense data, HR data etc.

Step 3 – Data Processing, Abstraction & Synthesis

We scrub your documents and data of any personal and company identifiable information (names, logos, product name etc).

Our AbSynth engine then uses a combination of various methods & models (AI, NLP & NLI) to read, analyse, extract, abstract and Synthesise relevant data from the documents your provided.

We use over 360 KPIs and apply ratio & weighting based on your size, industry & location(s):

  • 3 Aspects: Environmental, Social & Governance
  • 9 Themes
  • 27 Categories

We digest all the data and work with you to complete the gaps and missing information so that your assessment can be completed.

AI Led Sustainability management Platform ESG Ascentys
Step 4

Your ESG Assessment is ready.
Access your Dashboard to visualise your Strategic Sustainability performance, drill into specific themes.

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Easily visualise & manage your ESG performance across 360 KPIs, your Carbon Footprint, Quality of your Policies and Diversity Analysis

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