ESG Assessment

How does your company perform on  Environmental, Social and Governance issues?

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is fast becoming a strategic element of operating a business. Companies are required to respond to increasingly complex ESG-related requests from various stakeholders, disclose a growing amount of ESG information and report in increasingly detailed formats. 

However, accurately measuring your ESG performance is not easy.  It requires specialist skills across a broad range of topics and is out of reach for most companies.

We combine technology and human expertise to automate the ESG Analysis and Reporting process.

The Ascentys platform is an easy way to measure your performance across 360 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) KPIs.

Simple, quick, accurate ESG assessment

Why measure your Strategic Sustainability?

Sustainability and ESG metrics are now a critical dimension by which businesses are being assessed and measured. 

Your Customers,  Stakeholders and Investors care about these topics and so should you. It has been proven that companies that do good for the Environment, the Communities around them, their Employees perform better in the long-term.

How does it work?

By combining advanced Technology and human Expertise, we have streamlined the way ESG assessments are carried out, finally making it possible for Mid-size & Large companies to measure themselves in a way that is easy, cost-effective and accurate.


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